Yoga with Oli


Oli will be taking over Tuesday evenings with 2 new classes for you to enjoy.


Hatha Flow 6pm - 7pm

This class focuses on Traditional Hatha Yoga postures alongside an embodiment flow practice, taking more of a holistic approach all round. We will be working with your full emotional state as opposed to just moving the body. We are focusing on regulating the nervous system and welcoming in balance & harmony for the mind and body. Oli encourages you to tap in and listen to what your body is asking for and moving freely from that space. The class will have a structure of asana and breathwork but the practice is purely yours to move in a way that feels nourishing. We will always start the session with preparatory movements to warm up the muscles and joints. Some poses stand alone and can be held for several minutes and some will have more of a flowing sequence. Poses will vary between groundwork and standing, focusing on balance, strength, endurance and concentration ending with a nourishing shavasana and guided relaxation.


Yin 7:15pm - 8:15pm

This class focuses on regulating the nervous system, decreasing stress and welcoming in deep rest and relaxation.  We will be combining yin & restorative yoga postures to create a container for your body to feel fully safe to let go. All postures are held for several minutes and are close to the ground. This practice can reverse chronic patterns of tension lodged within the body's tissues. Doing yin regularly can restore balance to the internal organs and improves the flow of chi in the body alongside releasing your fascia to improve flexibility and joint mobility. It can also remove emotional blockages in the body. Oli encourages and welcomes anything that arises from the postures and can be on hand to hold space and guide you through a release. All sessions will finish with a guided relaxation and self devotion practice.

These classes are the perfect balance, come for just one or maybe even stay for both.

See you there.

Tuesday evenings
Hatha 6pm - 7pm
Yin 7:15pm - 8:15pm