Release MFR Workshop With Tash


Join Tash at for an MFR & self massage workshop tailored to resting deeply. MFR is a therapeutic tool used to manage tension and stress in an effective and feel-good way. 

This practice will be a blend of restorative yoga, and MFR. We'll use props, balls and self massage to find ways to rejuvenate tired muscles and areas we carry stress. This will be followed by longer held restorative poses to help us lean into winter and stillness.

Lastly, we'll end in a deep, supported relaxation to rest the body and mind.


Friday 26th January

7pm - 8pm

Our Friday sessions are held by an amazing different teacher each week. These are a little added bonus if you are on of our g&g members.
Unlimited members free, non members £10. If you have a 4 or 8 class membership you can book this class using one of your class passes as usual.
We look forward to seeing you there.