Pilates with Jen

After recovering from a broken and dislocated collar bone at the start and the pandemic, Jen found that her normal movement routine no longer supported her body. Jen rediscovered her joy for Pilates; kind low impact movement that still packed a punch! A few years practice later Jen was the strongest she’d ever been both mentally and physically and wanted to share the amazing benefits with others. Jen trained and qualified in 2022, left her full time office role and hasn’t looked back!

Jen is an upbeat, positive and energetic person and you’ll experience this vibe in her classes. Jen is classically trained but her flow is heavily influenced by her time living in Sydney Australia so expect a contemporary, dynamic and fun class rooted in Pilates fundamentals. Come and experience the Pilates burn!

Friday 19th January 7pm - 8pm
Our Friday sessions are held by an amazing different teacher each week. These are a little added bonus if you are on of our g&g members.
Unlimited members free, non members £10. If you have a 4 or 8 class membership you can book this class using one of your class passes as usual.
We look forward to seeing you there.